APP / 23.03 - 23.07

beta test / 23.06 - 23.06

Type /

Native App

App Design Lead

Designing a new app based on user experience

principles and service concepts, aiming to achieve

an 80% user satisfaction rate during beta testing.


PM, 디자이너(1명), 개발자(1명)

마케터, 콘텐츠 디자이너(1명)

Role commitment

UX Design 100%

UI Design 100%

BX Design 100%

Illustration Design 80%

ssok dak

ssok dak


❋ case study

Designing a new app based on user experience principles and service concepts, aiming to achieve
an 80% user satisfaction rate during beta testing.

Initial service brand experience

design & App Design Lead

app /

23.03 - 23.07

beta test /

23.06 - 23.06

Type /

Female Mental Helth care community

Native App


PM, Designer, Developer,

Marketer, Content designer

Role commitment

UX Design 100%

UI Design 100%

BX Design 100%

Illustration Design 80%


Starting a conversation is the first step towards a healthier mind

Here, we listen to your story with care and are ready to walk alongside you as your supporter.

In today's society, mental health has become an increasingly important issue. Particularly, the serious situation of depression

among married women, who are often overlooked, has drawn attention. Sokdak Sokdak was created to support

women facing such difficulties. During the planning phase of our service, various research efforts were made to establish a community

that serves as a psychological support system for women beyond just a women-only community.

Supportive Community Space

we aim to provide a space where female can
freely share their concerns for their well-being.

Comprehensive User Research

We conducted extensive research to gain a deep

understanding of our target users' pain points and needs.

High User Satisfaction

a user satisfaction rate of 80% was

recorded in user testing.

desk research

The depression rate among women is 2.1 times

78.9% emotional isolation rate

About half of the population has experienced depression to the extent that depression has become a significant issue in Korean society.

Among these, it has been confirmed that women's depression is more than twice as prevalent as men's, highlighting the

seriousness of female depression as an issue. To provide an objective analysis of the problem, desk research on female depression

was conducted. As a result, it was discovered that the percentage of married women feeling loneliness and social isolation related to marital

status is as high as 78%.

user interview

Low campaign application rate among new users

Through data analysis, we discovered that new influencer users in the app have a low campaign participation
rate compared to their sign-up rate. To address this issue, we examined the following data:


A total of 60 married women ranging from
their 20s to 60s


23.04.17 - 23.04.23


User Survey


Understanding user needs and
deriving insights

case study

Extracting insights through competitor analysis

The TagBy solution is a SaaS platform for influencer marketing tailored to both marketers and influencers.

It includes both app and web-based services. TagBy boasts a design that maintains consistent performance between its web and

app services, leading to more effective usage of social media marketing initiatives. The objective is to cultivate a mutually beneficial

scenario for both marketers and influencers, offering reciprocal advantages to both entities.




Women's verification process

through onboarding

Guidance on the identity of

women-only communities and

verification of users' identities.


Various filtering & search

features to find partners

Guidance on the identity of

women-only communities and

verification of users' identities.


real-time conversation


UI notation for real-time conversation

matching and sorting settings.


Management system needed

for clean conversations

Provision of reporting functions and

AI-managed clean system features.

user Persona

Am I the only one feeling this way? I want to talk to someone who can relate!



I want to understand my emotions better! Should I record the feelings
I experienced today?



project goal

Increase in nano/micro influencer activity on the Tagby app
due to rising market demand

Test & improvement

The matching settings feature and ideation for chat screen layouts were conducted,

and screen-specific mockups were derived for A/B testing. As a result, the current conversation

matching settings and chat interface have been finalized.

solution 01

onboaridng/profile - Safe community through women's verification onboarding

During the onboarding process, we verify your identity through a women's verification procedure and set up
your nickname for the community. Next, create your profile by answering questions about your interests,
hobbies, and other personal details. Based on the shared information, our matching system pairs you with
conversation partners, enhancing the objectivity of the matches.

solution 02

AI Partner Matching - Personalized matching for natural

1:1 conversations
with desired partners

Through the daily conversation matching settings, you can select your mood and the topics you want to discuss.

Based on your choices, AI will automatically filter and recommend conversation partners in the explore tab. Review the profile

cards of these AI-recommended partners and start a conversation. If starting a conversation feels challenging, don’t worry.

You can check the main keywords on the profile and the conversation topics of interest to naturally initiate a chat. For users who still find it

difficult, we've designed the system to offer suggested keywords and phrases to help facilitate easy and comfortable conversations.


Daily emotion note - Emotion Recording / AI Emotion Analysis Report

The Mood Journal is a page designed to help users objectively recognize and understand their feelings through records.

You can easily log your mood for the day by selecting an emoji that best represents it. AI analyzes your recorded entries over time,

providing insights to help you objectively understand your emotional state. The calendar feature allows you to intuitively

review your emotions over a month, giving you a clear understanding of your mental state.

design system

The main color, a warm shade of pink, was chosen to convey a sense of psychological comfort and create

an environment where women can comfortably share and empathize with their emotions. The UI style concept

incorporates rounded shapes and icons to evoke a cozy atmosphere.

Achivement & Reflection

The user satisfaction rate is 84%

According to the collected results, out of 10 beta testers, 8 responded that they
are satisfied with the service and hope for its official release.

About 200 beta tests were conducted, and the initial goal of achieving 100% user satisfaction was met. Through the tests, it was confirmed

that many users want to communicate in more diverse ways. Subsequently, the service usage pattern also showed that users were chatting using emojis
embedded in the operating system. Building on this, the focus shifted to enhancing communication by using emojis in chats to express various emotions.

Following this, discussions were held regarding the possibility and scalability of exchanging messages via audio, considering user needs.

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